29 April 2006

"Feds Could ‘Gut’ Social Security Disability Rolls" Headline...


Take a look at the complete story here:

Feds Could ‘Gut’ Social Security Disability Rolls

And NOSSCR (National Organization of Social Security Claimant Representatives) response here:


The news organization that presented the story also gave links to a related story:


Of course the conclusion is that this particular brand of reform saves the government money at the expense of the poor and disabled the most. And under such a plan, even if you start out not being so poor, if you have to wait two additional years before you qualify for benefits, you will no doubt be among the poor before it is all over.

11 April 2006

Disabled Patient Victimized--Is Anyone to Blame?

Here's a disturbing story right here in the Triangle about a corrupt disability advocate who was charged with managing Supplemental Security Income (SSI) funds for a disabled patient.

You can read it here: http://www.newsobserver.com/138/story/427221.html

What I really didn't understand about this story was this statement made by the director of the agency:

"We operated on faith that everyone was doing the right thing," he said. His agency is apparently not responsible for reimbursing the clients because it is a nonprofit that merely acted as a conduit for the government payments.

So my question is: Does being a non-profit absolve the agency of responsibility for oversight, accountability and management of its volunteers or associates?

Maybe I'm missing something.

Tell me what you think.

05 April 2006

Six Questions to Ask Your Prospective Social Security Disability Advocate

Well my friend,

Still no time for formal introductions. But...

I did just put together an article entitled,

"Six Questions to Ask Your Social Security Disability Advocate, Consultant or Attorney Representative … Before You Sign On the Dotted Line."

It's subtitled, "A Sequential Evaluation to Use When Hiring Help to Win Your Adult Social Security Disability or SSI Claim."

The article is rather long (more than 2000 words) and is still in draft form, so no, it has not yet gone through the final editing process, but you may want to preview it if you are in the market for a disability representative for your benefits claim.

Here's the final paragraph:

"Choosing a representative to handle your claim can be a daunting task, but keep in mind that anyone you choose will have the same goal in mind. They will want to assist you in winning your claim because when you win, they win. However, if there are inherent challenges that they have, such as having to handle too many cases, or not having the people skills necessary to deal effectively with DDS or just not having the knowledge of federal programs and the interpretation of policy and regulations, then you may want to move on to the next one."

Click here to take a look at the rest...

It's always amazing what we'll do to get out of doing something else. I'm in the middle of putting together a business plan for the first time in my life, and the process is a little more intense than I would like it to be. I'm trying to get it done in a week even though I've been told it should take a whole lot longer.

Writing that Social Security article was my break, though I have to admit, I should have been writing one on health and healing instead, since my newsletter for RecallingHealth.com is a tad bit overdue...

Oh, well... See how much I love advocating for Social Security Disability claimants :)-

Well this is Lo ... and I gotta go..."Cause I'm running for my life.

02 April 2006

How Social Security Disability Examiners look at Common Diseases in their Assessment of Claimants' Functional Capacity

Welcome to Disability 180!

Just another blog about Social Security Disability.

So many changes taking place at the Administration.

So many people waiting for benefits.

So much confusion.

How I wish I knew the secret. But believe me, I will be keeping my eyes open.

Not much time to talk today, but I did just publish DE Other Side, the monthly newsletter of Social Security Disability ESP, a website I have published since April of last year (so it's almost a year old now, something I just realized as I was typing this--wow! I'll have to plan a celebration:)-

The featured article this month is "How Social Security Disability Examiners look at Common Diseases in their Assessment of Claimant's Functional Capacity". Go take a look. I also just launched the site where the newsletter is hosted (maybe that's why I haven't been to bed yet.)

Well, that'll have to hold you for now.

Will do the introductions after I get a good day's sleep.

Here's to your good health.