03 March 2009

Who Processes Your Social Security Disability Application?

Given the 19 Day Fast which I participate in each year beginning 2 March, I decided to write March’s newsletter article a little early (and almost forgot to tell you about it here).

This month’s article is entitled: Who Processes Your Social Security Disability Application?

It talks about the role of Disability Examiners, Medical Consultants and others who have a hand in processing your application for Social Security Disability and SSI Benefits.

Take a look at the article posted at our recently updated Disability Claims ESP Newsletter site here:

http://newsletter.social-security-disability-esp.com/Who-Processes-Your-Social-Security-Disability-Application.html or at:

Hope you find the information useful.

07 February 2009

The First 15 Minutes: Your Social Security Adult Disability Application

Giving you a heads up on a new article posted on the Social-Security-Disability-ESP.com website.

It's titled: "First Impressions: What a Claims Examiner Determines About Your Adult Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income Claim in the First 15 Minutes". 

It's about four pages long. Hope you find the info useful.

Take a look at it here: