03 October 2006

Factors Used in Determining If You Have a Severe Disability

Well friends,

What a rollercoaster this summer has been. I don't think I've talked to you since last June when I published my last disability newsletter.

Hopefully with the changing of the seasons I will be more settled and get to do a little more with my disability website. I'm currently working on putting together a report or ebook on Social Security Disability which will outline the essential pieces of the puzzle that applicants need to get right if they are to get an accurate decision on their claim in the least amount of time.

My latest article is posted in the October issue of DE Other Side, a Social Security Disability newsletter I publish as often as monthly and as infrequently as quarterly. The featured article this month is entitled: Factors Used in Determining If You Have A Severe Impairment / Disability: Examining Work Functions, Environmental Conditions and Mental Functions in Social Security Disability / SSI Benefit Claims Adjudication.

You'll get a clue as to why it's critical that you do not just gloss over the work history that you are asked to complete by your disability examiner. You'll also see just what mental functions are absolutely necessary for performing basic work functions. If you past work included exposure to environmental factors like working around heat or cold, or around noise, hazards or vibrations, and you can no longer be around certain of these conditions due to your medical problems, you'll see that such factors are included in the assessment at this level of the five step evaluation process which I highlighted in the June newsletter.

You can take a look at the article at DE Other Side now.

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