16 June 2006

Social Security Office on a Mental Vacation...

Here's an interesting Letter to the Editor that just came across my desk...

Social Security Office on a Mental Vacation. Read it here:


or here


Any thoughts?

My thought is that this claimant needs to contact his congressman's local office for assistance.

But what do you do when the whole system appears to be broken?

02 June 2006

Getting SSI and Social Security Disability: A Five Step Sequential Evaluation Process


Just wanted to give you the heads up for this month's Social Security Disability newsletter, DE Other Side. It is now live online here at:


This month's featured article explores the Five Step Sequential Evaluation process that Social Security Disabililty Claims Examiners use to decide who qualifies for benefits and who does not qualify.

The article is kinda long but what real information can you give in a short article on such a complex program with such a complex set of rules and regulations:)-

Hope you're happy...and your spirit is well.

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